Tax Problems

Audits and tax disputes are common. The process can be confusing and the stakes are high. It’s critical to get it right.

We help you resolve your tax problems at all stages, from the audit level, to the administrative appeals level, to Tax Court. Our experience, which includes work at the IRS, helps us resolve your tax problem efficiently and effectively, often without costly litigation.

Sometimes though, clients don’t contact us before an additional tax is assessed or before they file a “balance due return”. In those situations, we use our experience working with the IRS and other taxing authorities to help you navigate the complex and frustrating tax collection and litigation process.

Tax jurisdictions are becoming more aggressive, resulting in more collection activity against individuals, businesses, and nonprofits. Bottom line, when you receive a notice from a taxing jurisdiction, don’t ignore it.

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Tax Planning

It’s vital to understand how tax laws and regulations affect your business and real estate activities. We help you plan your transactions and activities to maximize tax advantages and minimize tax pitfalls. Our experience, which includes work at the IRS, lets us help you navigate the complexity of federal, state, and local tax rules and agencies.

Whether your transaction involves a business, real estate, or personal matter, we will work with you to make sure it is structured to optimize your outcome under local, state and federal tax laws.

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Real Estate Tax Assessments

You might be paying too much in real estate taxes. In Pennsylvania, the amount of real estate taxes that you pay is based on the tax rate where your property is located and the amount that the local taxing board estimates the property is worth. To change your tax rate, you’d have to move or argue with your local municipality and school district, but you can review the value of your property on an annual basis.

We can help you prepare a residential or commercial real estate tax assessment appeal. We can also represent you at the appeal hearing and advocate for your tax reduction.

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