Client Portal

You want a law firm that’s convenient to work with. We hear you loud and clear.


Our online system allows us to securely share documents with you, such as corporate records and sensitive files. Get your legal documents when you want, how you want.

If you’re a client and want Client Portal access, email us to request setup.

Pay Your Bill

Don’t write many paper checks these days? Neither do we. We’ve made it incredibly convenient to pay your bill online.

Just fill out our easy payment form with your invoice number and credit card information.


Submit or Refill Your Retainer

If you’re a new client or have asked us to work on a large matter, we normally request an upfront retainer payment. We hold retainers in our Trust Account until they’re earned.

To make your retainer payment, just fill out our easy payment form with your credit card information.


Clarion Service Company

You can signup for Registered Office Services in Pennsylvania through our affiliate.