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Clarion Service Company

We can serve as your Registered Office provider in Pennsylvania.  If your organization needs a PA registered office, we can help.

You can signup and pay online ($95/year), it's fast and easy. 


+ What is Clarion Service Company?

Clarion Service Company is an affiliate of Clarion Law, LLC. It is under common ownership with Clarion Law, but it is a separate company.

+ How much does it cost for registered office services?

$95 per year per entity for PA registered office services.

+ How do I signup?

Complete the online Order Form at the bottom of this page or Signup Online here.

+ What states do you provide registered address services in?

Pennsylvania only.

+ Am I legally required to have a Commercial Registered Office Provider?

No. Pennsylvania requires an entity like a corporation or LLC to have either

(1) a commercial registered office provider (“C.R.O.P.“), or

(2) a registered office in Pennsylvania (which must be a physical address, not a P.O. Box).

You are not obligated to use a C.R.O.P., but many companies choose to do so for enhanced privacy or because they do not have their own Pennsylvania address.

+ Does Pennsylvania use registered agents?

No, not exactly. The Pennsylvania Department of State requires a registered office address, but not a registered agent.

Service of Process may be sent to the registered address of the entity that appears on the PA Department of State’s records.

Clarion Service Company can serve as your PA Commercial Registered Office Provider (“C.R.O.P.”)

+ How do I contact you?

Clarion Service Company
PO Box 3169, West Chester, PA 19381-3169

+ What happens when there is Service of Process?

We will promptly send the documents to you, usually electronically.

+ Can I terminate my service?

Yes. To do so, complete this Termination Form to request termination of registered office services for your organization. You will need to file a Change of Registered Office Form with the PA Department of State before your termination can be completed.

After termination, Clarion Service Company is not responsible for matters submitted to the registered office in the name of your organization, so if you want to discontinue your registered office service with us, you should immediately file an appropriate form designating an updated registered office address with the PA Department of State.

+ Can I use your name or address without signing up?

No. It is a violation of law to designate us as a registered office provider without engaging our services. We monitor this and take legal action to enforce it.

+ Can I use your address and have my mail sent to you? Is this a mail forwarding service?

No. The service does not allow you to use our address as a mailing or forwarding address.

+ Are you a law firm?

Clarion Service Company is not a law firm, therefore it does not provide legal services. The protection of a client-lawyer relationship does not exist with respect to the provision of nonlegal services.

Clarion Law, LLC, an affiliate of Clarion Service Company, is a law firm.

+ How can I pay my bill for Registered Office services?

Click Here to pay online. To provide you with uninterrupted service, please select “Every Year” for the payment frequency, in order to schedule a recurring annual payment.

Clarion Service Company

PO Box 3169, West Chester, PA 19381

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