Our People and Values set us apart.

+ Fairness

We are fair.

We strive to treat our clients and team in the way that we would want to be treated.

+ Clarity

We are clear.

Lawyers make law more complicated than it has to be. Clients deserve answers they can understand, not legal mumbo jumbo.

+ Partnership

We are partners.

We seek shared success with our clients and team, as partners. True partners share common goals, trust each other, and seek their partner’s success as much as their own.

+ Collaboration

We are a team.

Clients get better results when they are served by a team (and it’s more fun for us too). We share information, expertise, and effort to get results for clients.

+ Candor

We are candid.

We believe that candor and open, direct communication builds trust and promotes collaboration.

+ Continuous Improvement

We are always getting better.

We are relentless in our efforts to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility of our services (and our people and processes too).

+ Long Term Approach

We think long term.

We will try to make the best long term decisions even when it might be easier or more popular to make different short term decisions.